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Jes Grew feat. The Broccoli Bros. Horns - NO COVER Biography

Jes Grew is an eclectic rock n roll band out of Aspen, Co which derives it’s name from the 1972 novel, Mumbo Jumbo by Ishmael Reed. In the novel, Jes Grew is a mysterious “plague,” a “disease” that forces its “victims” to dance and let their inhibitions go, and that’s exactly what this group will have you doing.

“A (Jes Grew) show is all about giving people a great time and making sure that everyone in the audience catches “Jes Grew” not only while they are at the show, but also giving them that good feeling to take home with them too. We love to get the people moving and giving the audience all we have at every show. It’s all about FUN… FUN for us and FUN for the audience." says Rob “Monkey” Dasaro about a live Jes Grew performance.

“Symptoms of jes’ grew include: mediocrity intolerance, chronic questioning of authority, and uncontrollable shaking of the hips and ass.”

After entertaining in the Aspen area for over 10 years and sharing the bill with acts such as Widespread Panic, Warren Haynes, Taj Mahal, Trey Anastasio, Sam Bush, John Oates, Rusted Root, and many more, Jes Grew knows how to play to the crowd to keep everyone having a great time. Playing originals and classic rock n roll songs with their own twist, these guys will have you moving and coming back for more.

Now that you know the symptoms, why wouldn’t you want to catch “Jes Grew?”

Come on in and GET SICK!

Check out the band's new line-up featuring Randolph Turner, Viddy, Paul Valentine, Chris Harrison, Jai Vatuk, Galen Gatzke, Mark Yeager, and Ben Yeager.